2Ring is an independent software house with focus on the development of IP Telephony, Contact Center applications and productivity enhancement solutions since 2001.
2Ring develops complementary software to Cisco and Avaya Contact Centers and Unified Communications providing high quality products and outstanding customer service. Headquarters is located in Bratislava, Slovakia while serving customers via multiple locations around the world: USA, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Poland, and Canada.


• To maximize any IP telephony investment
• To increase Total Cost of Ownership of IP telephony environment
• To enhance user productivity


• A Scalable, cost efficient, and stable platform
• Provides complete UC and CC add-on portfolio
• Ensures efficient collaboration
• Offers a variety of support packages


Contact Centers Solutions

This CTI-OS based solution presents agents with the proper information at the right time. 2Ring AgD allows agents to work with existing applications and tools from a single window, automates business processes, and collects structured wrap up information (via 2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS).
To make outbound campaigns more successful, our CAMPAIGN MANAGER allows supervisors to enhance the import of contact data with additional customfields to be later presented to agents, collect info from the called party via 2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS, and then export the collected data with the campaing results for further processing.

This heavily desired solution focuses on data collection and the recording of structured information about clients obtained during call handling. When deployed, a contact center experiences shorter call handling times since a new script / wrap-up form comes with every call. Agents do not waste any additional seconds in the after-call, wrap-up phase. Plus, supervisors can, via a web-based management tool, create new forms/scripts or modify existing ones without the involvement of the IT staff.
This fully customizable solution provides real-time information (KPIs – Key Performance Indicators) on the contact center, service desk, or company’s performance where needed – LCD/plasma screens, desktops, or even supervisors‘ or managers‘ smartphones.

*GADGETS for Cisco Finesse
Our power pack currently consists of four unique gadgets including agent-to-agent and supervisor-to-agents chat, multi-tab browser with an event - rule-action integration framework, visual notifications (VIP call, call via Skype gateway, ..), and advanced wrap-up + call scripting for handling calls. Plus, we allow contact center agents to forward calls to or collaborate with subject matter experts that reside outside the contact center (using Cisco Jabber).

Our reporting specialists analyze the customers’ needs and propose a set of custom reports to add to the standard reporting packages.

Unified Communication Solutions

Users receive their faxes as email messages with a link to their location on the NetFAX server, and they are able to fax directly from their e-mail client or via their web browser / intranet site.

Is a very advancedand flexible call logging and billing application providing statistics, phone call summaries, and other detailed call information.

Provides the virtual splitting of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) into multiple entities, such as companies / tenants and sites.

A powerful package of advanced services enhancing the potential of Cisco’s IP Telephony. IPPS services are available on IP phones, soft phones, corporate Intranet (web browser), smart-phones (Android), MS Outlook,and even directly on desktops.


More than 40,000 users of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS)


Above 98% accuracy of 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING


More than 40 features are part of 2RingPHONE SERVICES (IPPS)