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Known the world over as the company that invented the SSH protocol, SSH Communications Security is out to reinvent how organizations across the globe secure the path to their information assets. SSH Information Assurance Platform is a robust, turnkey platform that allows customers to rapidly deploy and easily scale to meet their current and future security needs, all while being backed by the worlds most experienced data-in-transit technical development and support team.
With SSH, you can save time and money while ensuring your information assets are secure. With SSH, you can save time and money while ensuring your information assets are secure.


• help organizations of all types and sizes meet or exceed regulation mandates and industry standards related to privacy, security, auditing, and risk management.
• meet complex compliance requirements
• remediate vulnerabilities to malicious attacks and inadvertent security breaches by unsophisticated users
• protect information assets from a growing number of internal and external threats


• Virtually eliminate manual administration processes that cost time and money
• Protect organizations’ reputation by knowing exactly who has access to which SSH server across the entire network
• Manage SSH keys through a single easily auditable solution
• Inspect, audit and record encrypted connections for SSH, SFTP, RDP/TLS including all the user activities, key strokes, server outputs, data transfers
• Provide real time auditing and content based alerts


CryptoAuditor is a transparent and centralized real-time privileged access monitoring and auditing solution that enables organizations to control trusted insider data transfer activities on the fly and without any impact on remote administrators.

Universal SSH Key Manager provides the only truly enterprise grade SSH user key management solution available. In today's complex enterprise environments it is nearly impossible to map the trust relationships between individual users, system accounts and application ID's to their respective targeted destination SSH servers.

Tectia SSH Client & Server is the gold standard data-in-transit security solution providing the strongest levels of encryption across multi-platform environments. In addition to all of the benefits of SSH Client, Tectia FTP to SFTP Converter extends the value of data-in-transit implementation by automating many of the administration activities and helping to ensure that all of the data traveling on the internal and external networks are encrypted.

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