Business Class Secure Mobility

UCOPIA uses captive portal technology for Wi-Fi network security, data collection that provides in-depth analytics and Marketing-Campaigns directly through the wireless network.

UCOPIA develops solutions enabling a secure and seamless connection to public and private Wi-Fi networks. UCOPIA is a complete, highly scalable solution to manage tens of thousands of Wi-Fi concurrent access while offering Analytics and Marketing Services. UCOPIA’s Wi-Fi Analytics functionality enables the collection of users’ interests to better define future marketing campaigns that can be personalised on the Wi-Fi Marketing tool to best engage with end-users and enhance their digital experience. With a 30% year-over-year growth for the last 5 years, 12,000+ UCOPIA solutions have been deployed serving various industries including enterprise, public venues, retail, government organizations and more.



• Ensure internal security
• Provide proper authentication
• Rigorous management of access rights
• Provide monitored guest access (who was connected when and who has done what)


• Simplified Guest Account Provisioning
• Usage and Audit Data
• Business security
• Redundancy and load-balancing mechanisms
• Branding and Web pages customization
• Online payment & integration with third party software (eg PMS)
• Mobile devices (smart phone, tablets) applications
• Seamless provisioning
• Zero configuration
• URL Filtering


With its two products lines, UCOPIA addresses the security needs of a wide variety of organizations in markets including education, hospitality, financial services, state and local government, healthcare, energy, retail and many others.


Committed channel on 4 continents

Solutions to meet customers’ needs from 5 to 100,000 concurrent connections

Over 650 million devices connected with UCOPIA in 2015

15% of Europe’s Fortune 500 companies have already chosen UCOPIA